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Aquaponics - Pure, Fresh, 100% Organic, The future of Nature Protective Farming.

Madhavi Farms, a 20 Acre Organic estate, located in the heart of Bangalore city was established on a barren plot of land in 1998. Today it is a bio-diversity hotspot with thousands of medicinal, fragrance, timber, fruit and sacred vedic trees, herbs and plant varieties. Our ecosystem has become home to several types of birds, bats, insects, reptiles and wild bees. Additionally, Madhavi Farms also hosts a Dairy facility for the protection and proliferation of Indigenous breeds.

A star addition launched in November 2017 to the Madhavi Farms chapter is India’s first and largest commercial Aquaponics farm in collaboration with Messrs. WaterFarmers, Canada (www.waterfarmers.ca). Madhavi farms is the first in India to set up this path breaking, new age, innovative, Agri-technology, and will scale up in 2018 to meet the full requirements of all our selective clients across Bangalore. WaterFarmers already have similar successful ventures in different parts of the world, including Hong Kong, China, Oman, Australia and parts of the US and Canada.

Aquaponics, as the name suggests, is a combination of Aquaculture + Horticulture. We grow fish in abundant quantities, and use the rich mineralized waste of the fish to fertigate our plants. The entire operation is soil less, uses only 10% of the water that is used in open field cultivation of the same area, and gives an output that is many times more than conventional farming.

Aquaponics is energy efficient, decreases our carbon footprint to a bare minimum and offers a wide range of vegetables that are Chemical Free, Pesticide Free, and beyond Organic. Furthermore, it is totally supportive of the environment - the ideal farming concept, quite unlike any other! Our annual production is estimated to be about 250 tons of Greens, Lettuce, Curly Kale, a wide range of specialty tomatoes and vegetables annually, enough to help you establish an organic kitchen year round. All produce will be delivered 100% fresh, in our refrigerated trucks, with a same day harvest garauntee.

We grow food in the healthiest, safest and the most nature friendly way possible – The Aquaponics Way !!

At Madhavi Farms we are committed to reaching you the highest level of quality in vegetables, greens and herbs. Aquaponics does just that for you, to produce both fish and chemical free vegetables, in a bio dynamic man made environment. Our farms can feed just you and your family, become part of a culinary production, or quite simply be a part of feeding a community. Aquaponics is the farming of the future and it is happening now in your very own Bangalore city.

  • There is an ever growing demand for locally grown and naturally grown clean food.

  • Family farms have disappeared from the landscape years ago and we believe that aquaponics is the key to repopulating that need. Small family farms sprouting up everywhere can begin to re-localize our food supply and also invigorate local economies.

  • Aquaponics uses 90% less water when compared to soil based agriculture. It has a significantly less carbon footprint and does not require the land mass commercial soil agriculture demands. It goes beyond just being environmentally friendly, it is environmentally regenerative. It is a great solution for the many issues we face in growing our food in today’s industrialized and corporatized farming model.

A pile of bricks is no more a house than a farm of inorganic produce is food security!

Organic production ensures food security through food purity, food sovereignty and food safety. Under the pretenc​​e of food security and​ ​sufficiency​​ our farmers have long tilled the land with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and a wide gamut of environmentally detrimental practices. All these chemicals find their way into our energy cycle. Studies are showing that when eating inorganic celery, you could be consuming up to 67 different chemicals and even washing your produce does little to insure that these substances are washed away. Many chemicals are absorbed into the fruit or vegetable when pesticides are sprayed several times over the growth cycle of the plant. Pesticides are only one part of the problem. Inorganic or synthetic fertilizers are used in mass quantities as farmers try to replenish the soil devoid of any nutrients left to grow the plant, leaving chemical remnants in the produce and still failing to replace what Mother Nature originally intended.

Studies are showing links between pesticides and health problems such as cancer, attention-deficit (hyperactivity) disorder in children and nervous system disorders. In some cases, pesticide exposure can even weaken immune systems. And the worst part is that children are the most vulnerable. Why should we even take that risk? Pesticides are designed to kill things and come with all kinds of horrific labels and warnings for handling. Yet we eat them in an effort to save on food costs.

By eating organic you also ensure that you are not consuming GMO or genetically modified crops or ingredients. Not only should consumers be concerned about the produce they eat, but also the ingredients of products that become what we then call breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Organic goes beyond being good for you, Organic is better for the environment as well. Organic farming, by definition, does not use environmentally harmful chemicals that contaminate the land and the groundwater. Additionally, unique types of crops and livestock are more likely to be raised organically, which helps to keep the gene pool for food products diversified and thus help avoid extinction due to species-specific issues.

When you choose organic food and other products, you are helping more than yourself. You are not only supporting the producers who work hard to meet these standards but you also ensure the generations to come have access good health, quality food and a sustainable planet.

The term Organic in our vision goes beyond the realm of just being pesticide free. To the Madhavi Farms team, Organic is your way of life and our promise to the future. Aquaponics goes beyond organic. Aquaponically grown produce is 100% chemical and synthetic free. It is absolutely pure, unadulterated food.

When you have a healthy, clean and organic alternative, isn't it time to change and make your lives better? ​

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